Modular robotic systems

Surface Dynamics is developing, manufacturing and deploying its own custom built portable and modular field robotics for industrial cleaning, painting, inspection and data collection. Surface Dynamics offers robotics as a service. Modular robot design makes it possible to enter the system in 6-8 modules through a personnel opening of Ø500mm and assembled into plug-and-play condition in the work space within 2 to12 hours depending on selected system configuration.

System TWR is made for large storage tanks, System T for water tanks and pressure vessels and similar narrow space, and System P for pipes and penstocks. All systems utilize remote controlled and auto executed motion, supervised by realtime video streaming to the robot operator’s monitor.  The software package RobotOS & Simulator is an operational and easy-programming interface, as well as being a digital platform for real surface object training, project planning and customer demos.

System TWR

System T

System P


Robotic cleaning and  painting – for a better health