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Built for handling tool processes in heights, like industrial surface cleaning and spray painting, without need for scaffold. Typical application is storage tank interior and exterior.

Elevated TWR Ceiling solution cut 5f

Elevated circular rail robot developed by Surface Dynamics. NORSOK Z-015 and ATEX Zone 2 conformity. Remote- and auto controlled, utilizing real time video to operator monitor.

The system is entered into workspace in modules and, with capability of passing personnel openings of diameter Ø600mm, and being assembled inside storage tanks into ready-to-run condition within one day.

Vertical tool reach capability per 2022 up to 17 meters height. Can be reconfigured for almost unlimited horizontal width.

The TWR lifting tower modules can also be combined with the System T platform for achieving high vertical range capability in a regular manipulator arm setup, reaching 20m+ meters heights.

Robot Control and Operator Station

Remote jog or programmed motion, supported by real-time video streaming to operator monitor.

Robot Control 3

RobotOS and Simulator

  • For Work Planning, Documentation, Robot Control and education.
  • Asset specific 3D background import for realistic training, work planning and pre-programming.
  • Real time video of tool process presented to operator screen, backed by simulator view.
  • Kinematic tool control.


Tore Gravermoen

Tore Gravermoen

CEO & Tech Sales

Torgrim Gjestrud 2

Torgrim Gjestrud

CTO / Technical Manager