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Surface Dynamics offers robot assisted surface cleaning, painting, inspection and data collection as a service. We reduce asset downtime and personnel risk – at a lower price. At Surface Dynamics we design and manufacture our own special purpose, long range and portable robotics. We take care of the entire work package. However, in some cases we collaborate with qualified service partners.

Why conventional surface cleaning and painting in large tanks and hydropower penstocks is considered an industry problem:

  • Extremely laborious and costly
  • Physically very demanding work
  • Very high noise level from applied tools
  • Respiratory risks from paint dust substances
  • Risk of falling when working in heights
  • Rescue challenges in cases of severe accidents

Our technology represents a solution to all these problems. By replacing personnel with robots in challenging working environments we get the job done:

  • Faster
  • Safer
  • With greater precision
  • More cost-effective
  • Without the use of scaffold in most cases
  • With significant reduction of scaffold

Estimated effects of using solutions from Surface Dynamics


reduction of asset downtime compared to conventional workmanship


reduction of personnel hours in high-risk working environments


times higher level of documented surface details via data collection from robot


reduction in price of execution to customer